Electronic Prescriptions

Pearcedale Medical Centre is now enabled for electronic prescriptions.


An electronic prescription, also known as eScript is an alternative to a paper prescription. If you would prefer this option, your GP can deliver an eScript to your mobile phone via SMS or to your email. You will receive a unique QR barcode known as a token that you can show to participating pharmacies who will then dispense your medicine.

Yes, it is not mandatory to receive an electronic prescription. If you prefer a paper copy, please inform your GP at the time of consultation who can print your prescription.

Yes, if your GP has requested repeats on your prescription, you will be issued with a new token from the pharmacy when your medicine is dispensed. When you are due to refill your script you will need to show this token to the pharmacy again for your medicines to be dispensed.

Please call your GP if you have lost your token and they will re-issue a new token.

You will be issued with separate tokens for each prescription that you require.

Most pharmacies are currently enabled to receive electronic prescriptions however please contact your regular pharmacy to ensure they are able to accept these prescriptions.

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Pearcedale Medical Centre is now enabled for electronic prescriptions.

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